Parents/Guardian Copy



Third Class – Ms Haughey.

Booklist 2018-2019 (Prices may vary)


English Cost to Buy Cost to Rent
The Talking Horse – Reading Zone 3 * (Folens) €17.10 €2.00
Go with the flow E (C.J Fallon) €7.95  
Abair Liom 3rd Class €18.20 €3.00
Mental Maths 3rd Class (Prim Ed) €6.99  
Planet Maths 3rd class (Folens)* €17.65 €3.00
Tables book €1.75  
Grow in love 3rd class *(Veritas) €12.99 €3.00
A variety of books for SESE history, geography, science.   €5.00


*Parents may buy these book if preferred but are available for rental for the year.


English dictionary (for homework)

2 x Maths Copies

10 x lined copies

20 x pocket display folder

2 x large scrapbooks for religion and SESE

Colouring Pencils

4 x Large glue sticks

3 x plastic button Folders

Colouring pencils, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, ruler and scissors





Supplied by the school

Homework Diary                                            €3.00

Photocopying                                                  €15.00

Each family is asked to pay €30.00 voluntary family contribution to help towards the running of the school









School Copy

School Record Third Class – Ms Haughey.




Please Return to the School by:Monday 18th June.



Childs Name: ______________________________


Please tick the box of any books your wish to rent.


Books to Rent Cost to rent Rent
Abair Liom 3rd Class €3.00  
The Talking Horse Reading Zone 3 (Folens) €2.00  
Planet Maths 3rd Class (Folens) €3.00  
A variety of books for SESE history, geography, science. €5.00  
Grow in Love 3rd Class  (Veritas) €3.00  




I agree to replace as new, any books that may be lose, write on, damaged or torn.


Parent’s /Guardian’s Signature: ___________________________Date:____________




Payment Record


  Cost Paid
Homework Diary €3.00  
Photocopying €15.00  
Family Contribution €30.00  
Book Rental