Parents Guardian Copy


Junior Infants – Ms Mc Sweeney

Booklist 2018-2019 (Prices may vary)



English Cost to Buy Cost to Rent
Look out Teddy * (Folens) €5.40 €1.50
The Lost Ball*     (Folens) €5.40 €1.50
Splash*                 (Folens) €5.40 €1.50
Combined reading activity book 1-3 reading Zone (Folens) €10.10  
Just Phonics – Junior Infants ( €4.50  
Go with the flow A Pack (C.J Fallon) €6.50  
Cracking Maths Junior Infants and home link book (Gill and Mcmillian) €11.50  
Bun Na Cainte B (EDCO Primary) €9.75  
Grow in Love Senior Infants (Veritas) €8.99  


*Parents may buy these book if preferred but are available for rental for the year.




3 A4 Plastic Folders (1 for homework, 1for worksheets)

2 Pencils (JNR SNR handwriting pencil)

4 large glue sticks

3 large scrapbooks

Ruler, Rubber and Sharpener.

Each family is asked to pay €30.00 voluntary family contribution to help towards the running of the school



Supplied by the school

Copies, Crayons and other class room resources       €6.00

Photocopying                                                              €20.00

Homework Diary                                                        €3.00
















School Record Junior Infants



Please Return to the School by:Monday 18th  June.



Childs Name: ______________________________


Please tick the box of any books your wish to rent.


Books to Rent Cost to rent Rent
Look out Teddy (Folens) €1.50  
The Lost Ball (Folens) €1.50  
Splash(Folens) €1.50  




I agree to replace as new, any books that may be lose, write on, damaged or torn.


Parent’s /Guardian’s Signature: ___________________________Date:____________



Supplied by the School.


Copies, Crayons and other classroom resources        €6.00

Photocopying cost                                                      €20.00

Homework Diary                                                        €3.00


Payment Record


  Cost Paid
Class room materials €6.00  
Photocopying €20.00  
Homework Diary €3.00  
Family Contribution €30.00  
Book Rental